For Writers

At Words Ireland we aim to provide an information resource to writers at all stages of their careers. We are currently developing a number of further guidance sheets for writers which we will add as soon as they are completed.


Artists' Exemption

This guidance sheet explores the issues surrounding Artist’s Tax Exemption in the Republic of Ireland.




Authors Contracts


Indepth exploration of issues that arise with writers’ contracts and advice on how best to proceed.




On foot of WordCon 2016 Words Ireland has gathered a best practice approach to how writers should be treated at festivals.






Pay scale information for writers including rates of pay from Words Ireland partners.






Publishers and Journals in Ireland.






Information on copyright in Ireland.





Journal Submissions

Journal submissions in Ireland





Writing Lives Series

balancing the books: how to survive as a writer in Ireland today





Writing Lives Series

From festival appearances to school visits to being active on social media, writers today are almost expected to be public figures




Writing Lives Series

How to Make it as  Rural Writer






Writing Lives Series

Is making a living just from writing books a literary fiction?





Writing Lives Series

A helping hand across the border for writers






Writing Lives Series

Writers need time: here’s how to beg, borrow or steal it






Writing Lives Series

Most writers don’t actually have what you could call careers





Writing Lives Series

You don’t need poverty to create, you need security






Writing Lives Series

It takes a village: the help I got to become an author