Words Ireland Guidance Sheets

Guidance Sheets for Writers

These guidance sheets are prepared by Words Ireland with the help of industry professionals. We started with areas that we felt were significant for writers and those involved in the literary industry. They are intended to give you guidance and are not intended to be comprehensive or legally binding.

Guidance Sheets:

Artists’ Exemption
This guidance sheet explores the issues surrounding Artist’s Tax Exemption in the Republic of Ireland.

Authors’ Contracts
Indepth exploration of issues that arise with writers’ contracts and advice on how best to proceed.

Treatment of Writers at Festivals
On foot of WordCon 2016 Words Ireland has gathered a best practice approach to how writers should be treated at festivals.


We hope that many of your questions are answered here. These documents were published on 11 February 2016. They will be updated, shaped by the events, workshops and best practice seminars we run. Should you have any comments or queries please feel free to email info@wordsireland.ie