Guide Sheets for Writers

Rates of Pay for Writers  |  Words Ireland

Sustaining a Flourishing Writing Practice  |  Anne Tannam

Marketing Advice for Venues & Producers  |  Dani Gill & Siobhán Kane

A Guide to Mentoring for Writers  |  Monika Sapielak

Negotiating Publishing Contracts for Writers  |  Brenda Tobin

Applying for Literature Bursaries and Grants  |  Paul Perry

Making a Life as a Writer  |  Mia Gallagher

Types of Writing Work  |  Mia Gallagher

Tax and Self Employment  |  Gaby Smyth

Pensions Advice for Writers  |  Tax Advice Bureau

Authors’ Estate Planning  |  Irish Copyright & Licensing Agency

Book Publicity: a Guide for Writers  |  Peter O’Connell

Self-Publishing: A Guide for Writers  |  Catherine Ryan Howard

Artist’s Tax Exemption  |  Words Ireland

Authors’ Contracts  |  Words Ireland

Treatment of Writers at Festivals  |  Words Ireland

Copyright Information  |  Irish Copyright & Licensing Agency