Sample Exercise Yvonne Cullen Writing Train




I ________________________________ sign up to the following:


This season, I’ll make space for myself to create in words.


I will buy my writing decent stationary.


I will get the blinders of habit off, daily, in the following ways:


I will make creative space in my home as follows:


I will accept that I will have less TV time, less Internet time, a little less social time while I am doing this.


I sign up to banishing the word WRITING from my vocabulary, written and spoken for the duration of the course. I will talk about note taking and jotting in its place, and tidying by notes.


In re OUTPUT: I will do the brief exercises set for own-time each week. I will, also get down a minimum of one further sentence of thought or observation that interests me, 4 times a day in a CREATIVE JOURNAL.


I will read for 20 minutes a day and write to myself about what I have read


I will lock my inner critic in a wardrobe till the course ends.


I will feed my creative self in the following ways:


I will sign up to making messes in language, to being gloriously scrappy and incoherent as I find out what I really

want to say.


I will do, and celebrate, nonsensical first drafts. I will never panic because a first draft isn’t clear (Tutor’s note: I don’t think anything good or fresh ever comes out of a clear first draft). I will drop the bar to the ground and let myself write WOEFULLY.


I will do this with patience and with faith.


I will remember that I am doing this because I believe it could add to my life.


I will remember how I do not judge the skill or cleverness of my breathing or my walking. I will get creative in words  (and in every other way I long to) in a similar way.


I will remember Ira Glass’s words:  “What closes the gap between your taste and what you write yourself is a volume of work Do a volume of work!”


I will go to ONE creative and one literary event this season. I will take photos and dig out old ones. I will maintain or restart a journal and an ADMIRATION BOOK (Commonplace book, they used to be called), and collect , in it, pieces of other peoples’ writing that I love.


I will not talk to pals or family about any of this work. I will not talk about the ideas that might make stories or poems or other written work. I will keep the lid on things till they have to be written down.


Without panic, pressure, or preciousness (as a student of mine last year brilliantly put it), calmly and happily I’ll make space for myself to create in words, this season.


And you can sign this!


© Yvonne Cullen’s Writing Train 2018.