The Lifecycle of the Book



The Lifecycle of the Book with AUTHORS, AGENTS & PUBLISHERS

presented by PUBLISHING IRELAND in association with the IRISH WRITERS CENTRE supported by WORDS IRELAND

Publishing Ireland, in association with Words Ireland and the Irish Writers Centre is hosting a series of short evening talks on the different aspects of the publishing process, aimed at writers and the general public. The idea is to break down the stages of publishing, from the completion of a manuscript right through to the books being on the shelves and being discussed in the media.

There will be 4 talks in total, covering 4 different stages, those stages being ‘The Writing Process’, ‘Getting Published’, ‘What Publishers Do’ and ‘Reaching the Reader’.

Each talk will involve a panel of three speakers, all experts in their field, who will talk for 15 minutes with an audience Q&A to follow.

The talks will be held on successive Tuesday evenings, from 6.30pm to 8pm in February in The Irish Writers Centre.

Tickets for the talks available here

Or individually below:

Tues, 7 Feb 18.30
The Life Cycle of the Book: The Writing Process

Tues, 14 Feb 18.30
The Life Cycle of the Book: Getting Published

Tues, 21 Feb 18.30
The Life Cycle of the Book: What Publishers Do

Tues, 28 Feb 18.30
The Life Cycle of the Book: Reaching Readers