Writing Lives Series


In conjunction with the Words Ireland Writers Series, The Irish Times have printed a series of articles entitled Writing Lives. The Writing Lives series is an initiative of Words Ireland and coincides with the Words Ireland Writers Series of nationwide meetings for creative writers and illustrators.

freya brian-leyden-vault-2
Yvonne Cullen
Teaching Creative Writing: a few whys and hows
Freya McClements
People have books turned down because their social media profile isn’t big isn’t big enough
Brian Leyden
How to make it as a rural writer

 freya freya image-14
Freya McClements

Is making a living just from writing books
a literary fiction?

Freya McClements

A helping hand across the border for writers
Mia Gallagher
Writers need time: here’s how to beg, borrow or steal it

 Siobhan Parkinson freya 3916125_orig

Siobhán Parkinson

‘Most writers don’t actually have what you could call careers’

Freya McClements
You don’t need poverty to create, you need security 
Alan McMonagle
It takes a village: the help I got to become an author
irishtimes  Freya McClements
Balancing the books: how to survive as a writer in Ireland today